Celebrating a Birthday

I am a self-declared goober when it comes to birthdays.  I truly believe that everyone should try and so something special on your birthday…. and that you should have cake. I know this is a wine blog, but I really think that birthdays are more about people for me (and the opportunity to have cake) and I wanted to share my opinion. It’s a little thing for me, but I really enjoy celebrating the fact that I’ve been on this earth for another year.  I’ve been given a gift of another birthday and, no matter the number, that alone should be worth celebrating.


Imagine my reaction when my colleague, A, wasn’t all that keen on celebrating his birthday.  I get that people don’t always want to celebrate if they’re missing family or going through a particularly rough patch in life, but I think that to *not* celebrate a birthday sometimes deprives others of the opportunity to show someone just how special they are, simply because they are.  Thankfully, another colleague, C, was on the ball and created the coolest way to celebrate our friend’s birthday…. a SCAVENGER HUNT!
C wrote out a bunch of really clever clues… I wish I was half as creative when it comes to creating such fun, rhyming clues.  She took a bunch of photos as she was placing the clues and then I followed along as A followed the clues to their ultimate reward… CANDY!
If you’re trying to come up with a fun, inventive way to cheer up a co-worker or celebrate a birthday with someone who isn’t too excited about celebrating in such a public way, this seems like the perfect fit.  Alexander (might as well name him, since it’s in the title of this collage) seemed to enjoy the spectacle of running around with two excited young helpers (seen in a few of the photos) and, I hope, he knows just how glad I am that he let us be “goobers” over his birthday.  Besides…. how many chances do you get to “put one over” on a friend… all in the name of celebrating a birthday.

Happy Birthday, Alexander!  Thanks for letting us celebrate you!


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