A little about me…

I’ve been contemplating a wine blog for awhile now… working at a winery can do that for a person… so I might as well jump into the pool and start sharing the recipes and information that I’ve gained over the past few years. To prelude this, I should share my story, in case it might seem a bit familiar to some.

I started going on wine tastings and tours in 2010, when my best friend gave me a tasting/tour/lunch for my birthday. It was one of the most fun things we could have done at that time and I was hooked. Hearing about the grapes, seeing how and where they were made into wine, and then actually sipping wines that tasted good to me gave me insight into something I hadn’t realized I was missing. This was an activity that I could enjoy doing any time…. I didn’t have to wait for a season to start or for a game to begin or for another person’s schedule to open up. I could learn and enjoy wine anytime I wanted… what a concept.

Since then, I have visited many, many wineries both in Virginia and in other states. I began spending more time at a local winery (James River Cellars winery) and subsequently was hired to work there. I’ve included a link to my favorite local winery on this blog so please feel free to check it out if you have a moment. I have branched out from my normal cooking and have begun adding wine into all sorts of recipes (which is primarily why this blog began). I have attended a few festivals and had the opportunity to continue learning more about wine.

I plan to post recipes and helpful hints here…. maybe something will click for you and let you expand your own thoughts about wine.

It’s been a fun year… from the bottom of a wine bottle. Join me, won’t you?


One thought on “A little about me…

  1. Cool. Looking forward to more!

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