Recipe: Corey’s Cake (Chocolate wine cake with Irish Cream Frosting)

I had to say “farewell” to a friend and co-worker at the winery this week, so I made a special cake for her.  The recipe for the cake is already posted on this blog here (although I substituted the coffee with more wine), but it was the frosting that was special for this cake.  I gave Corey the option of frosting flavors (peanut butter, white chocolate, or irish cream) and this was her preference… so in deference to her, this cake is so named.

The frosting was a very simple one.  I used equal parts butter and butter-flavored shorteningconfectioner’s sugara touch of vanilla, and a few teaspoons of a recipe of homemade Irish Cream.  I had a basic frosting recipe as a template, but veered far enough off that it just seems easier and simpler to let you, dear reader, to your own devices.  Basically, I beat the butter and shortening together, added in a few cups of sugar and the vanilla, then added Irish Cream to taste.  Honestly, it was that simple…. and I love things that I can make “to taste”!

Farewell2CoreyI baked the cake a day before I needed to assemble the dessert.  This cake is seriously the easiest recipe to use…. it always comes out well, and I am never without the ingredients, since it is an “oil and vinegar chocolate cake” and doesn’t need milk, butter, or eggs.  I could have made the cake a few days or even weeks in advance, since this cake freezes (and thaws) beautifully.  Definitely a “keeper” in my book!  I whipped up the frosting before I went to work that day and put the cake together (see the top left-hand photo) in an easy-to-carry container.   To make it special, I used rainbow sprinkles to put a “C” on the top of Corey’s cake (see the top middle photo) and pressed them lightly into the frosting so that the sprinkles wouldn’t move as I transported the cake to our farewell.

I am really sad to see Corey leave, but must be excited for her and her husband as they embark upon a journey that will move them out of the state.   She has been a breath of fresh air at the winery with her enthusiasm and excitement.   It’s never easy to see people leave… I’m just grateful for Facebook and other modes of social media that will allow for continued connections.

Wishing every blessing to Corey and her husband… we’ll miss you!


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